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Dealing with legal trouble isn't easy, but you don't have to do it alone. The Law Offices of Samuel P. Nedeau is a top local law firm in Northfield, IL. Attorney Nedeau provides effective legal services in multiple practice areas. He can assist you with purchase and sale agreements, appeal your illegal eviction, negotiate your separation agreement or resolve breach of contract disputes. No case is too complex for him.

The sooner you reach out to attorney Nedeau, the sooner he can start working on your case. Call 847-899-2204 now to get more information about his legal services.

Real Estate Law

Find out why it's important to retain a lawyer when facing real estate law matters.

Real Estate Law

Landlord-Tenant Law

Learn how a landlord-tenant lawyer can assist you with eviction disputes and rental contracts.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Employment Law

Read about why it's important to have an unemployment lawyer on your side.

Employment Law

Contract Litigation

See what a contract litigation lawyer can do to protect your business.

Contract Litigation

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5 reasons to choose attorney Nedeau

If you're looking for a local law firm to represent you, look no further than The Law Offices of Samuel P. Nedeau. With experience as a real estate broker, a former judge and a lawyer in Northfield, IL, attorney Nedeau can put his unique legal insights to work for you in the courtroom. You should choose him as your lawyer because:


He can draw on over two decades of experience


He's overseen 2,000+ unemployment cases


He provides flat-rate real estate representation


He gives personalized attention to every client


He offers free phone consultations

Attorney Nedeau is licensed in both Illinois and Michigan. He represents homebuyers, home sellers, renters, landlords, employees and employers. Your case is in good hands with him.