Challenge Your Wrongful Termination

Hire an unemployment lawyer in Northfield, IL

Being wrongfully terminated is one of the most stressful challenges you can face. Not only are you worried about making ends meet, but you're also likely feeling a lot of confusion and frustration. Don't let your employer get away with discrimination or retaliation-get help from a wrongful termination lawyer. The Law Offices of Samuel P. Nedeau represents clients in Northfield, IL who have been fired illegally.

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When should you hire an unemployment lawyer?

When should you hire an unemployment lawyer?

If you've recently lost your job, you're probably hesitant to spend money on an unemployment lawyer. But investing in legal representation could pay off in the long run. You should hire a lawyer if you need to...

  • Negotiate severance packages
  • Appeal your claim for benefits
  • Bring charges against your former employer
Have questions about what an unemployment lawyer can do for you? Contact attorney Nedeau today to get answers.