Settle Eviction Disputes Fairly

Retain a landlord-tenant lawyer in Northfield, IL

Landlord-tenant disputes are difficult for both parties. As a tenant, you're worried about keeping a roof over your head. As a landlord, you're worried about your financial security. The Law Offices of Samuel P. Nedeau can help you navigate these legal challenges. Attorney Nedeau is an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer who can represent you in disputes about evictions, property damage and rental agreements.

Attorney Nedeau focuses heavily on eviction disputes. If you've been unfairly evicted, he will fight aggressively for your right to stay in your home. Call 847-899-2204 now to discuss your case with a landlord-tenant lawyer in Northfield, IL.

Evict an irresponsible tenant quickly

Evict an irresponsible tenant quickly

No one wants to remove someone from their home, but you can't provide free housing for every tenant in a tight spot. If you're tired of hearing excuses from tenants who fail to pay rent every month, get help from an eviction lawyer in Northfield, IL ASAP. Attorney Nedeau will help you...

  • Prepare all of the eviction paperwork
  • File your case at the courthouse
  • Argue the case for evicting your tenant to the court
Once you have court approval, you can file a lockout request with law enforcement. Your eviction lawyer will communicate with you throughout the process.